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Jesse Gilleland - 2001My first post – I always thought that when I finally broke down and started ranting and raving about something that it would be about politics, or the travel industry, or even my devestating disappointment in the lack of quality network television. 

No – I decide to write about work.

First a little about me.  I’ve been in the storage industry, directly for about seven years, and indirectly for about 10.  I started out as a customer working for Intuit, Inc.  (www.intuit.com)  You know, the guys that make Turbo Tax, Quicken, and other money-tracking software and the like.  We installed our first Symmetrix in 1997, and I was sold.  We got a 30-50% performance improvement in our old HP3000 MPE systems almost immediately.

Liked it so much that when EMC offered me an R&D position at their Hopkinton, Massachusetts headquarters, I jumped all over it.  Spent almost two years in direct immersion learning everything from basic disk-storage principles to advanced replciation software, to debugging fibrechannel packets to figure out exactly where a new device driver was going wrong.

In short – tons of fun for a geek like me.

Since then I’ve picked up Clarrion, Centerra, Celerra, and just about every EMC software product on the market, as well as most of what Symantec / Veritas (www.symantec.com) has to offer.

So now a friend referred to me as the “San God” and the EMC consultants call me when they need help.  Kind of nice but I’m hoping that I can answer more questions here and stop chewing up cell-phone minutes. 😉

So I welcome any post, so long as you’re not spamming, and will be happy to put my money where my mouth is and give advise and help where I can.  Just remember that I do still have a day-job. 🙂

If I don’t know it, chances are I know someone who does.

So Welcome – and happy storing!

Jesse Gilleland

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