Windows Vista

Update – (9/18/06)

I decided that I’ve been a bit unfair, and have been running this on my Dell Latitude D610 laptop. 

It’s not bad, if I close my eyes and let my mind wander it’s almost mac-like, which is a plus.  So I’m getting more and more comfortable with it.

Then I install Antivirus software on it…..and it does nothing but bluescreen now.  I guess McaFee thought Vista was the virus and tried to clean it. 🙂


It’s been several years since the version of windows a friend called “Xtended Pain” came out, and I guess it’s about time for Microsloth to grace us with a new travesty of an operating system.

Here is an example of my first experience with Vista:

Vista - Login

So we have it.  The great sucking sound that is Vista.

Not to mention that once I was actually allowed to log in, more than 50% of my system resources were taken up by the operating system.  And this was no toy computer, on a Dell Precision 380, 3.0Ghz HT, 2G Ram, simply moving the mouse brought the CPU to it’s knees. 

Vista is what it’s name suggests.  View – or looks.  It’s all eye candy, and amazing that Microsoft manages to make Windows more and more “Mac-Like” and yet still manages to miss the performance the Mac is capable of.

I’d like comments on the Vista OS.  I know it’s off topic, this being a more storage centric blog, but sometimes you just can’t help but point out the obvious. 🙂


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