Celerra filesystem extension

I had to re-write this one, I didn’t like my first run at it.

As one part of my duties, I manage the companies one and only fileserver.  We run on a fairly simple rule, if it’s a file share it goes on the Celerra.  There are *NO* windows fileservers in our environment.

Setting this up was fun.  We run CAVA (Celerra Anti Virus Agent) to protect against those nasty windows virii that are constantly running around (my Linux desktop at work is immune) and the Celerra fileserver (It’s an NS500G with a Clariion back-end for anyone who cares) has been wildly successful.  Only one real problem in the six months I’ve had it up and running, and that was when one of our applications, “Argo” (a credit decisioning engine of the sort used by banks – www.argodata.com) dumped 150 gig worth of trace files into the netowrk file system and the filesystem in particular tried to start a second auto-expansion before the first one had completed.

Now the fun begins.  With the auto-expansion set I’ve been able to take a more hands-off approach to managing it.  I probably should have kept a closer eye.

Did you know that in EMC Control Center there are more NAS management tools for Network Appliance (www.netapp.com) then there are for their own NAS front-end?  The one thing I needed was a report of when my storage pool got to within 10% so I could plan on either allocating more LUNS to the NAS or to purchase more.  (The cause of my last post)

Such a report apparently doesn’t exist.  So when I logged in today for my weekly check to find that these greedy people I work with have in three months managed to chew through 2 terabytes of storage.

So now I have to scramble to come up with more “temporary” storage.  (It’s been my experience that nothing is more permanent than a temporary storage assignment.)  I found some – but really hope that the Exchange environment doesn’t grow before we get the new Symmetrix spun up, because it no longer has anywhere to grow to.


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