October 2006 archive


I had an engineer friend of mine (real engineer, not affiliated with computers) once told me.  “There are three options:      1. You can have it faster.      2. You can have it smaller.      3. You can have it cheaper. ….Now pick any two.” Over and over in my life I’ve put that theory to …

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It’s Layoff time again – everyone say “Thanks EMC”

You know, corporations (like EMC) must think we’re stupid. I read in eWeek ( Link ) that EMC is going to kick 1,250 people out on their asses right before the holidays because they failed to make it last quarter. I guess people are just so much chattle, to be sold off whenever profits need a boost.  …

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NAS Management

EMC Control Center has more management tools for Network Appliance filers than they do for their own hardware. I wonder if this means they prefer the NetApp devices?

Is Microsoft VSS a real Snap? Maybe. Does it suck? Absolutly!

I can’t even talk during the day because of the great sucking sound coming from our microsoft infrastructure. From a storage end, it’s even harder, because natively Microsoft doesn’t have ANY tools to unmount a filesystem or quiesce a production volume so you can take a hardware based snapshot of it. Of course they’ve introduced …

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“An elephant is a mouse built to government specifications.”  -R.A.Heinlein As some who spent a lot of time consulting in the federal space, i can say that this was an absolute truism. If you don’t believe me, look up NMCI.

Veritas NetBackup 6.0 – Synthetic Backups?

Just an interesting note. When I took the NBU 6.0 management course earlier this year, we breifly touched on “Synthetic Backups”. Synthetic backups are a great idea – you can build a full backup by taking the last full backup and rolling the incrementals into it.  This results in a backup that takes 1/10th the …

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