A little down-time?

Just figured out that the site was down for about a day or so this weekend.  Apparently during a re-model of the office/data center I disconnected the router and never even noticed that the site was down because between putting the dry-wall up and trying to sleep off the injuries to my aching muscles, I hadn’t checked the site.

I think I need to get What’s-Up on this network to do some monitoring, what do you think?

Yes, I’m geek enough to have a rack in my basement, no SAN though.  I used to have a Clariion 5300 that I picked up on EBay, but the power and cooling bills were killing me. 

So I opted instead for a Dell 2650 (2cpu + 2G) with 5 146G drives for the VMWare ESX server (running three virtual systems, one windows, 2 linux) that this site is run on.

I also have a generic Dual P3-850 for my backup server.  The Backup server has a half-terabyte (2x 250G) of storage for disk-disk-tape backup, (right now it’s disk-disk, because my library is offline until I can get some tapes bulk-erased.)

Ive noticed that most of the blog-sites are run off hosted wordpress sites, am I the only one nuts enough to take this particular project on himself?


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    • on November 26, 2006 at 5:37 pm
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    I wouldn’t say you’re nuts, I’d say that a lot of people who spend their day keeping other peoples production infrastructure up and running don’t relish coming home to keep their own production infrastructure up and running.

    I’ll happily push things out into the cloud in order to keep my home maintenance to a minimum when there are iPods to be reset, PSPs to be updated, printers to keep working, and computers to be backed up in case peoples music and photo libraries take a quick visit to “I did something with the computer and it went wrong. Now everything is gone. Can you bring it back?” land.

  1. My wife gives me crap because I spend all day working in front of a computer to come home to relax….in front of the computer.

    Yup, I’m hopeless.

    • on November 27, 2006 at 11:57 pm
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    I’ll get my wife to read this post as its hard evidence there are people more of a geek than me 😉
    My post on rupturedmonkey.com about how cool is storage went a couple of days without comment and she started telling me that nobody else thought storage was cool and the everybody else was in to it solely for the money.

  2. Hey – *I* Replied didn’t I?

    • on November 28, 2006 at 1:40 pm
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    Hey SanGod, back in my .com days I used a network monitor called Servers Alive?. It was free back then and its only a couple of bills these days. It’s pretty cool. Can check SQL, Oracle, IIS, etc. It can kick off auto-fix scripts and various other stuff. Just in case you dont want to fork out the money for Whats Up. I think WU is kinda pricey for a non-enterprise infrasctructure. Not that your infrasctructure isn’t worthy of course! 🙂

  3. I’m sitting here trying to figure out if my company’s license would allow for installation of WUG at home, given that I run a lot of testing and scripting at home as well, right?


    It’s a reach, I know.

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