December 2006 archive

Veritas NetBackup – Maint. Pack 4

Just in case you don’t already do it, back-up your C:\Program Files\Veritas\Netbackup\bin directory before you apply MP4. Unlike previous Maintenance Packs – this one will clobber any custom scripting you have done. Not nice.

SANCopy actually works!

So it took me about 4 hours to actually get the set-up right.  I’ve never done a SANCopy implementation myself, because I was never on the Clariion side of things.  I feel like the Clariion is to the Symmetrix what the Chevy Vega was to the Camaro.  (Yes it has wheels and an engine, but …

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Quantum Rave

Well, I finally have something NICE to say about someone. I approached the Quantum Corp. buyout of ADIC with a little trepidation.  Our main library at work is an ADIC Scalar i500 with four FC attached LTO-3 drives and 36 tape slots, that’s about to be expanded to 6 drives and 96 slots. Our small …

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Microsoft Bribing Bloggers?

I had posted a few nice words about Vista, but I deleted them when I found out that Microsoft has been bribing Bloggers with Brand new $2,300 Acer Ferrari laptops. Where’s mine? The article, on says that at least 7 bloggers have confessed that the nice things they’ve said about vista came after they …

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Happy Holidays!

Hope the season was a good one.

Oops I did it again?

Took the servers down today – on purpose this time.  Had to move the rack to put the new floor in my office. ;-)  It’s starting to look like a real office now – my little 10′ x 15′ world. Anyway, I apologize for the inconvienence. I have a question for anyone who is VMWare …

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Cisco dial-home follow-up!

Cisco has released version 3.0(2) of their firmware, and with this, comes, finally, an EMAIL-HOME feature for the switch.  It’s not perfect (because unlike the dial-home on the Symm, this is dependent on an external server or two, and doesn’t work if the network connection is down. The long and the short of it is …

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EMC and Cisco are some kind of partners.

Ok, there is something I hate about Cisco- and it’s not really about Cisco, it’s about EMC’s complete failure to completely support their MDS series of switches. First – When you buy an MDS 9xxx switch from Cisco, it comes with the ability to dial into Cisco when there is a problem, much like EMC …

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Enterprise Vault for Exchange

The boys over at Symantec ( just came by last week and gave us an interesting presentation on Enterprise Vault.  (Not to be confused with the Vault extension for NetBackup, which is a different beast) The short answer is this.  EV is an application that dives into your exchange environment and strips out any email/attachments …

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It’s Alive!

Well, after two days of serious work getting the cabling and power ready, EMC came out and spun up the Symm today. Hot damn!  Finally some real storage and I can start planning the migration off the stupid Clariion. 😉 One down-side though, the Multiprotocol cards they shipped were the wrong type, since we have …

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