EMC and Cisco are some kind of partners.

Ok, there is something I hate about Cisco- and it’s not really about Cisco, it’s about EMC’s complete failure to completely support their MDS series of switches.

First – When you buy an MDS 9xxx switch from Cisco, it comes with the ability to dial into Cisco when there is a problem, much like EMC does with the Symmetrix.  This feature is not available when you buy the switch from EMC.  (IE a Cisco switch with a $10,000 sticker on it that says “EMC”) you don’t get this ability.  In fact, you get no dial-home capability at all. 

I called in to the SAC, talked to our sales team, our former Project Manager who was (sort-of) handling the implentation, etc, and the long and the short of it is that in order to be notified when there is a problem with the switch, you have to set Control Center up to email you, and then you have to call EMC.  (I’ve called them so many times I know the number by heart)

Secondly, (and more to the point of the subject of this email) making a zoning change in ECC requires that you log into the switch and type “copy run start” at the prompt to save the configuration to the start-up.  I’ve known people to go months without doing this – only to find that every zoning change made in the last number of weeks is lost on the reboot of the switch.

And Third – when you do call EMC for support, they have to wait on Cisco to ship the parts.  So technically you’re not even really getting EMC support, you’re getting third party “ghost” support.

This seems to me to be inexcusable considering the number of MDS switches that EMC is putting on the market.

My advice – if you’re going to buy a Cisco fibrechannel switch, and I do recomend them, buy it from Cisco.  Until EMC decides to support them fully, I don’t think it’s worth the convienence of getting everything from one place given what you come up short on.

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