Cisco dial-home follow-up!

Cisco has released version 3.0(2) of their firmware, and with this, comes, finally, an EMAIL-HOME feature for the switch.  It’s not perfect (because unlike the dial-home on the Symm, this is dependent on an external server or two, and doesn’t work if the network connection is down.

The long and the short of it is the Cisco Fabric Manager, which is installed on whatever host you’re going to manage the switch from (as it is with the current versions of the cisco SanOS) monitors the switch via SNMP and when an error condition is detected, sends an email to EMC with the appropriate information.

I want to say it’s about bloody time.  Cisco switches have been the red-headed stepchild of EMC for too long.  it’s about time they supported them with the fervor that they do the rest of their products.

The down-side?  You have to go from version 2.1(x) to 3.0(x) and I’ve not heard back from EMC at this time as to whether this is an online upgrade in anything shy of the MDS95xx switches.  (I’m using MDS9216’s, and an MDS9140, which I suspect need a full reboot to come up on the new firmware rev)


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