Microsoft Bribing Bloggers?

I had posted a few nice words about Vista, but I deleted them when I found out that Microsoft has been bribing Bloggers with Brand new $2,300 Acer Ferrari laptops.

Where’s mine?

The article, on says that at least 7 bloggers have confessed that the nice things they’ve said about vista came after they got an early Christmas present.

it figures.  My system at home running Vista has been gradually getting more and more unstable, what I like to call “Random Weirdness.”  So Microsoft would have to keep the cash flowing in order to keep the good reviews going through Retail Launch.

But people who know better know that while Windows has cornered the desktop market, it’s about all they can do marginally well, and the only reason for that is that they’re still just about the only game in town, which keeps people from coding for Linux, Sun, or the rest of the open-source operating systems.

So until I get my new laptop, Vista sucks and I’d stay away from it. 🙂

You can see Long’s Original blog post at:


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