December 30, 2006 archive

SANCopy actually works!

So it took me about 4 hours to actually get the set-up right.  I’ve never done a SANCopy implementation myself, because I was never on the Clariion side of things.  I feel like the Clariion is to the Symmetrix what the Chevy Vega was to the Camaro.  (Yes it has wheels and an engine, but …

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Quantum Rave

Well, I finally have something NICE to say about someone. I approached the Quantum Corp. buyout of ADIC with a little trepidation.  Our main library at work is an ADIC Scalar i500 with four FC attached LTO-3 drives and 36 tape slots, that’s about to be expanded to 6 drives and 96 slots. Our small …

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