Quantum Rave

Well, I finally have something NICE to say about someone.

I approached the Quantum Corp. buyout of ADIC with a little trepidation.  Our main library at work is an ADIC Scalar i500 with four FC attached LTO-3 drives and 36 tape slots, that’s about to be expanded to 6 drives and 96 slots.

Our small backup library is a Dell PV122T, SuperDLT320, SCSI attached with 8 slots.

My library at home is something right in between.  it’s a Quantum Superloader DLT1, with 16 slots in the form of 2 8-slot magazines.

I picked the Quantum up for a steal on Ebay – paid $200 for it with 18 months of waranty still left on it.

Last week I guess it got ahold of a bad tape and the tape broke the take-up real off the hook that is supposed to hold it until a tape is inserted.

Nothing more painful than turning on the library and hearing that “spinning” sound that means the leader tape is flipping around loose in the chassis.

So i called Quantum, and they were more than helpful.  Once we got past an initial issue with me having the wrong serial # for the box (silly me, the serial # is printed on the invoice, and bears no relation to what is printed on the back of the unit itself) I got into support.

We spent about 15 minutes troubleshooting the issue, and when it became evident to the tech that I might actually know what I’m talking about, they shipped a new drive unit via overnight.

Damned if it wasn’t here by 9am the following morning.  *THAT* is what I call service.  Came with complete instructions on how to replace the unit (4 screws and 3 cable connections, not that hard considering this particular unit has *NO* cables internal to the unit.  The entire drive assembly slides out the back and is a single FRU)

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this looks like the beginning of a promising relationship. 🙂


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