SANCopy actually works!

So it took me about 4 hours to actually get the set-up right.  I’ve never done a SANCopy implementation myself, because I was never on the Clariion side of things.  I feel like the Clariion is to the Symmetrix what the Chevy Vega was to the Camaro.  (Yes it has wheels and an engine, but the similarity ends there)

So about 18 hours to replicate 150G in my test-migration.  Not as good as I would like, and far less than SRDF, but it works.  It did say that SANCopy does much better when it’s reading from the remote and writing to the local, because writes actually use 4 transactions where reads use two, or something along those lines.

I’ve been able to mount the drives on the remote host, so I think we’re good to go.  I’m going to move the first of the clusters on Tuesday to see how things go.  I’ve got two “non-production” clusters to move, then I’ll move Exchange and then our big production applications.  (The ones that require executive clearance to take down for an hour)

I have to say the set-up is not one of the more intuitive applciations I’ve used, the documentation sucks and the only way I was able to get everything I needed was to bounce back and forth between three different manuals.

Oh well, I didn’t expect it would be painless.  Still less pain than having to pay someone else to do it.  We haven’t really spent a dime in PS since I came on-board, (I mean beyond the 75K that was in the deal that was signed and sealed before I came on board, we haven’t used any of that yet – I’m saving it for the SRDF-A implementation.)

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