Thumbdrive RAID experiment



A fully loaded TDR.Now here is someone with *WAY* too much time on their hands.  They take a mini USB2.0 hub, and 4 thumbdrives and create a 3GB Raid5 array (or if you’re really creative and you’re using a real operating system, a 2GB Raid 1/0 array)  

I actually agree with him that the uses of such an array, while limited, are there.  There are a number of imbedded systems which boot from flash, a perfect example is my Quantum/ADIC Scalar i500 library, which has a Library Control Module which boots from a small Compact Flash card mounted to the board.  I’ve now replaced this card three times because of random weirdness associated with it.

Maybe having a redundant boot prom would help with this?


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