Mar 30

Another bout of down-time – Sorry.

Apparently the move to Comcast Business Services hasn’t done me all that much good.  The SMC gateway they gave me hangs on a regular basis, the 6meg I’m paying for is closer to 1.5. 

If you have the chance to make use of their services….pass.  I can’t wait until Verizon comes out with Fios in this area.


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  1. Junk the SMC and get a buffalo and throw DD-WRT on it.

    I would guess the 6mbit is also being hampered by the SMC.

  2. Also remember that they don’t actually guarentee your 6meg speed. IIRC, the commercial says that its 6Meg *burst*. So for large downloads you’ll get 6meg for the first 10megs of the download, then it drops down. Now I don’t know if this applies to Busines Services, but you may want to check the fine print. Also, Comcast is just about as shady as Verizon. I’d avoid both like the plague, go with a company like Speakeasy, or some other local and smaller DSL shop where they are more likely to give you what you pay for. Also, FIOS has some fun restrictions on it, like the inability to run servers, so since you’re running a website, you may want to avoid that as well.

  3. Miah:

    the powerboost is well above 6mbit. While the 6mbit isn’t guaranteed either, the powerboost is somewhere closer to 12mbit for the first 100MB I believe, and then it drops back to the regular 6mbit. I don’t know that this is enabled on business class t hough.

  4. Also, speakeasy was just bought out by best buy, I’d be wary of signing a year long contract with them now. I do believe verizon will sell you FTTH that isn’t blocked if you pay for a business line.

  5. Jesse

    I’m not so worried about the speed, the uplink speed is glued to the 768K mark I was promised, and that’s good considering that’s what you’re seeing the site over.

    Comcast has sent me a new modem, as this one still hangs every once in a while, I just haven’t gotten around to making the swap. Since the config is pushed to the modem from the central systems, I have to have them on the phone when I do it.

    They will do until FIOS comes to my neighborhood, Verizon is promising 45mbit and from a friend who lives up in Leesburg, they’re delivering nicely.

  6. Verizon blocks all the *service* ports by default on their home service though. Heck, even the comcast upper tier, at least around here, is now 768 up, 8mbit down, with speedburst bringing 2mbit++ upload in shorter bursts (more than enough to load any of your pages), and 20mbit down, without blocking any ports.

    Whenever works slows down enough for me to work on my setup at home, I’ll probably be running something off of it.

  7. Jesse

    For FIOS? Because they didn’t for DSL. For the first half of this site’s life it was running on a residential DSL line. I even used DYNDNS.ORG to automatically update the DNS whenever it changed.

    So far, other than what I perceive as a very slow speed, I’m not unhappy with the cable DSL service. I wish the router/firewall were more robust, but what do you expect for free?

    I’m probably going to look into a used Cisco Firewall, just so I can play with it and teach myself how to use it in my copious free time…..

  8. Yes, everyone I know on FIOS has blocked ports.

    Also, as I said, try getting a buffalo wireless router and loading dd-wrt or openwrt. It’s a lot cheaper/more robust than any cisco under 600$ 😉

  9. Jesse

    Yeah, I’ll have to ask Alex if his inbound stuff is blocked, but then again he’s so paranoid that he’s probably got six different firewalls between the outside world and his PC.

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