Hybrid tales.

Just for those of you who would like a break from storage.  I hacked into my Prius and added a few options:

1. Removed the safeties from the bluetooth and radio so I can dial the goddamned phone using the keypad and no longer have to dial using the phone when the number isn’t in my speed-dial list.

2. Added a “DVD-Video” mode to it with an auxiliary set of inputs so I can plug my video iPod into it and play it back on the console display.

3. Added a “Stealth” mode to it so I can disable the internal combustion engine and run it on pure electric.  (Works for about 5 miles, the stock batteries aren’t worth shit)

4. Added a factory XM satellite kit for about 1/5 what Toyota wanted for it.

Fun stuff.  Amazing the things you can find on the web. 😉

Just a little non-storage side-step.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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