May 02


Just a warning – keep an eye on the install drive for Veritas.   Letting the drive fill can result in a corrputed EMM database and Veritas forgetting things like the last year’s worth of backups.

So I ended up rebuilding both the master server and one of the media servers.

One thing that might come in handy. 

Mount a secondary volume as “C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Netbackup\db\images” and copy the original images catalog there.  This allows for massive growth plus the ability to expand the images database without having to reinstall veritas…(again).

Even Veritas said it was an interesting solution to the problem.  My goal was as much flexibility as possible going forward, because I have found out quite the hard way what happens when you don’t allow enough space to grow.  If the images catalog should fill up, it can going to cause the EMM (Enterprise Media Manager) database to corrupt itself..

So with the images catalog in-tact but the EMM database gone, you end up with a list of files and what tapes they’re on, but not a list of tapes, volume pools, EXPIRATION DATES, etc.


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  1. Still running?

  2. Jesse

    yeah, 5 tapes in 5 days. only 200 tapes to go.

    I’m *NOT* impressed. 😉

  3. Bloody hell.

  4. Jesse

    You’re telling me. we’ve made the executive decision to do the phase-1 import only. If we should have to go back to a specific backup for something, we’ll do the phase 2 then on just those tapes that are involved.

    It’s a risk given the time it takes to do the import.

    What we’ll probably do is take one month’s worth of backups each month and import them in the background while everything else is going on.

  5. After reading this blog for quite some time and noticing the ‘fun’ you have with Veritas’s constant DB corruption, I have only one thing to say, which will most likely get me flamed.

    Switch to CommVault. ASAP.

  6. Jesse

    LOL – I’ve thought of it. But the cost of switching would be prohibitive.

    Does ComMVault have a reader for Veritas format tapes?

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