Another six hours of down-time….

Ok, this one was my fault.  I messed with the cable companies careful organizational system.

I paid my bill.

I went in there today to pay my bill.  While I was in there I asked them for an adjustment, because when they set up the business service, they neglected to stop charging me for the residential service I used to have.

While she was removing the residential service, she noticed that my old modem was still associated with the account, and proceeded to remove it.

The warning bells should have gone off in my head there, but they didn’t until I was sitting at the auto service center getting the oil changed in my wife’s car, she called me and told me that the internet connection was down again, and this time rebooting the modem didn’t fix it.

Didn’t take me more than 8 seconds to put 2+2 together and figure out that the dim-wit behind the counter at the local Comcast office had disconnected the wrong modem.

It did however take me more than 6 hours of repeated calls before I got someone on the phone who actually had half a clue and got the connection back up, with my IP addresses in tact.

Hat’s off to Comcast’s one good tech. 

I’ve got Verizon’s business services number on speed dial.  If it goes down one more time, they’re up.

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