SQL Backups using TimeFinder

The backups work wonderfully, and the restore of a plain backup works as well.

What I’m having trouble with is something that’s so simple in Oracle and DB2 that it’s stumping me that I can’t find any documentation on it for SQL.

In any real RDBMS, you would restore the datafiles to disk and mount the database in a recovery mode, and then roll whatever transaction logs you want to into the database.  I’ve even seen it done with Oracle and DB2 where specific transactions can be edited out of the transaction log, IE to remove a transaction that corrupted a database while preserving subsequent writes.

But in SQL if you’re restoring a database you have to use the stupid GUI.

I’ll keep plugging away, but if anyone has any ideas I’d be greatful.  (Not being a Microsoft guy, I don’t have anything like this in my little bag-of-tricks.)



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