Finding time…

It’s ironic that the process of automating backups can sometimes take longer than running the backups manually.

Of course the process is SUPPOSED to pay off in the long run, right?

I’m starting the long and tedious process of converting my Veritas network-based backups to TimeFinder split backups.  it’s tedious, boring work, but it’s got to be done methodically (and well documented) so that should I win the lottery (or get hit by a bus) the next guy should be able to take over.

What I really need is a good scheduler.  I’ve done this before in an enterprise environment using Tivoli’s “Maestro” software but I don’t think the environment I’m in now is nearly big enough to rate that kind of expenditure.  (Not to mention I think if I went up the corporate food chain asking for $100,000 for scheduling software, I’d get laughed out of the county)

Some people just don’t see the value in automation….that is until the guy who knows everything quits….again.


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