Job change …(again)

…this time it wasn’t my idea. ;-)   The owner of the company I was working for sold the company, and the new owners immediately liquidated and fired everyone.  The funny part is that we were building out the infrastructure for the split of the new company from the non-profit foundation it used to be a part of, but we never got to finish it, so a certain CEO who cherish’s her blackberry will find herself without email.  ;-)  Serves her right for repeatedly telling us that we have nothing to worry about and strongly discouraging people from leaving when the rumors started to fly….  Those people could have had new jobs/careers months ago and be spared the sudden unemployment.

So much for putting a company together for the long-term.  Of course I should have expected this – First off no-one who wants to build an enterprise-class company does so with Windows.  Windows is one of those “looks-good-on-the-surface” systems that lacks substance in all of the important areas.

Secondly – we haven’t been allowed to spend a dime for months now.

Oh well, like I said, I’m not concerned, the severance package was adequate and I’m going to take some time off and remember how to enjoy my family. 😉




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    • on August 3, 2007 at 1:26 pm
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    Bad luck mate, it’s terrible when companies can blatantly lie to your face for months just to keep the ship afloat long enough to make a profitable sale+liquidation a few months down the track.

    Oh well enjoy the time with your family =)

  1. Good luck with that – may be in your new position you will be free-er to blog again like previously!! Fingers crossed.

    Just dont let them know that you blog and you are free to say what you want.

  2. I’m hoping. I’ve landed a 1-year contract consulting for a Co-Lo site in Sterling, doing architecture and stuff fairly full-time.

    The experience there should be fairly wide and varied, I think it will provide some good blog-fodder.

    • on August 5, 2007 at 9:17 am
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    Sorry to hear about your job loss.
    I know from my own experience that it is never fun.
    Hope your new role is fulfilling for you.
    Good Luck

  3. It’s funny – it’s hard to be pissed off about losing a job you were planning on leaving anyway.

    But I am. Mostly because I don’t like thinking of all that hard work being a total waste of time. I also hate the fact that they held on to me for so long by lying to me (a raise that had bee promised in December was always “two more weeks” away) and that I actually quit, then left a higher paying job to go back to them because *I* felt an obligation to finish what I had started.

    I guess that just makes me the sucker now, doesn’t it.

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