Insurance for Consultants.. (or) Why are Insurance Companies Evil?

Ok, not really storage related, but it’s my site, so I get to bend the rules a bit, right?

So going to private practice consulting has proven to be more complex than I had originally anticipated.

First – I’m not an accountant, and while I’m learning the process quickly, I think I’m going to have to hire one to keep myself in the IRS’s good graces.

Second (and to the point of this post. I’ve had to pursue the process of taking on individual insurance coverage for myself and my family.

I never realized what a hairy deal it was. I went to “Anthem – Blue Cross/Blue Shield” and filled out the application. According to the quote I received after I filled out my personal data, I was going to save about $500 over the COBRA benefits that my last company offered.

So I signed up. And 4 days before my new coverage was going to take effect, I got the letter stating that neither me nor my 5 year old son could be covered, because I’m overweight and my son has been diagnosed with mild autism.

They pointed me to another policy, for “high-risk” individuals, that was going to cost me $1,000 a month *JUST FOR THE TWO OF US*, (plus the $450 a month for my wife and two “healthy” kids.)

Now I figured that the autism was going to be an issue, and was prepared to rider the coverage and pay for his speech therapy out of pocket. However they didn’t even offer me the option. Not only did they not offer me the option, they said that he wasn’t eligible for coverage for 10 YEARS. So because he has a little difficulty with correctly responding to people when they ask him questions, he’s being denied *ALL* access to health care.
I think I’m jumping on the universal healthcare bandwagon at this point. Insurance companies should not be allowed to let profit dictate health decisions.
Luckily for me, I’m still eligible for coverage under COBRA, and have signed up, it’s $500-$600 more a month than i would be spending, but at least we’re covered.

And the funny part is, it’s through Anthem.

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    My wife does all the financial stuff for our company (independant contractors in the UK usually set up as Limited Liability companies) and fortunately her brother is a qualified accountant. I stay well away from all of that stuff as it bores me to death – i just do the technical stuff. Its nice!

    In the UK we also have to have liability insurance and coverage is normally up to a figure around £1M or £2M. Just in case I cock up and cause millions of pounds worth of loss to somebody. Scarey.

    BTW. That sucks about how the insurance companies treated you and your family.

    Although its not the greatest thing going the national health service in the UK is a good fall back when the private policies etc play you like that.


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