November 2007 archive

Migration complete –

We did it.   Migrated the hosts/data.   Production is now running in Kansas, DR in Georgia, and the old datacenters in NY/NJ are one step closer to being shut down. Interesting couple of things I learned today. SRDF/A is a great technology for replicating over long distances while maintaining what they call a “dependent-write-consistent” state.  It …

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Dell’s false promises –

Yes – I can say it.  Dell lied to me. I have a problem with my new notebook.  Recently (read: less than 90 days ago) I bought a new Dell D620.  When I was forcibly ejected from my last company I found myself without a notebook computer.  So I logged in and bought one.  Given that my new …

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To compete or non-compete – Part II

I saw an article in E-Week/Careers and had to comment. I’ve been the victim of overzealous non-compete enforcement, almost twice actually.  The problem is that it’s not that they can actually enforce it, it’s that no matter what you do they try. It cost me over $8,000 leaving a certain Alpharetta, GA-based storage consulting firm, even …

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Travel – the bane of consulting.

The biggest problem with consulting is that unless you live *IN* a major metro area, you have to travel *TO* a major metro area. To complicate matters, when you’re in a specialty like storage, the jobs, even in the major metro areas, can be few and far between, so that leaves travel. So you book …

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Binfile changes

The joys of data migrations.  One of the most common problems is the standard practice of most companies to avoid upgrading whenever possible.  The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. I could spend days and days on that particular brand of suicide.  For now I’ll just replace that addage with a new one. …

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Upgrades complete

With the exception of a small problem I had with sendmail, everything seems to be working. Love it when it works this smoothly. 😉 /jg

Upgrades planned

Beware – I’m upgrading the site this week.  Don’t know exactly when but I plan on getting off this old version of WordPress (among other things) and moving from a RedHat 4 based system to a CentOS 5 based system.  So far testing has worked well, the upgrade is pretty tedious considering that I have …

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Slow week….

Last month my timesheet showed a whopping 245 hours…..  I’m tired. But the insanity continues.  We completed the first stage of migrations last week, a swimming success.  (it’s funny, because I got the impression from the end-customer that they didn’t expect it to go as smoothly.) SRDF is the easiest way to move data – …

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