Travel – the bane of consulting.

The biggest problem with consulting is that unless you live *IN* a major metro area, you have to travel *TO* a major metro area.

To complicate matters, when you’re in a specialty like storage, the jobs, even in the major metro areas, can be few and far between, so that leaves travel.

So you book the trip, make the drive to the airport, go through security, wait for the flight, if you’re lucky your flight is on time and you cram yourself into the center seat (because no-one allows you to pre-book seats these days) get to the rental car counter, find out what kind of peice of junk Rent-A-Wreck will provide you, and drive to a hotel where they will put you in the room right next to the elevator, (or, in my case on my last trip, right next to the 24 hour exercize room)

All because most companies don’t trust consultants to remote in to do their work. 

So if you’re going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for, say, a data migration, don’t you think you might try something so novel as trusting the people you’ve hired to do the job?

Probably not.  But then again, it keeps us employed, and in demand.


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