Nov 19

Dell’s false promises –

Yes – I can say it.  Dell lied to me.

I have a problem with my new notebook.  Recently (read: less than 90 days ago) I bought a new Dell D620.  When I was forcibly ejected from my last company I found myself without a notebook computer.  So I logged in and bought one. 

Given that my new job requires extensive travel, I chose to spend the extra $300/US or so on their “Next Business Day” warranty.

They could have at least bought me a drink first.

According to Dell – next business day doesn’t mean it will be replaced in the next business day, it means the tech will call you on the next business day and schedule a time to come and replace your motherboard, and that time will be the “NEXT BUSINESS DAY AFTER HE RECEIVES THE PARTS”

That’s such a load I can’t even believe it.

So here I am with a laptop with one failed USB port, and the second one failing – an issue which Microsoft has already said contributed to the multiple failures Vista experienced, in a situation where the only day I’m not traveling in the next month is thanksgiving day.

So the fun part is:

The idiot Jr. level support dweeb told me, promised me after I asked him twice if he was sure, that the tech would come to my house ON THANKSGIVING DAY to replace the motherboard in my laptop.

Now I don’t hold him responsible (though I do hold him stupid for not checking his calendar before making a promise that you and I know will cost Dell a mint to fulfill) for Dell’s policies.  As a Jr. level support dweeb he effectively did his job of keeping me from getting to a more senior support dweeb.

But to promise support on a national holiday is hilarious, and I’m going to have a blast ramming that one down their throats when the guy doesn’t show up.

Sorry – it’s late, I’m tired, I’ve had a bad day.  😉

The hilarious part is – I even gave him the chance to back out of his lie:

 12:31:21 AM         Jesse

you’re lying to me again you know – you have no intention of having a tech to fix this on Thursday.

 12:31:56 AM         Vikas_166576 

On Thursday the system will be serviced.

 12:32:10 AM         Jesse  

and if it isn’t what is my recourse?

 12:32:26 AM         Vikas_166576 

And there is no reason to lie to my customer.

 12:32:41 AM         Jesse  

ok, so long as I have you on record saying that.

 12:33:32 AM         Jesse  

Thank you for your time – I’ll expect a manager’s call tomorrow.

The problem is, I think, that of course Dell doesn’t use support people from the US, which would mean that he didn’t realize that Thursday was a holiday. ;-)Don’t know, don’t care.  They made a promise now I expect them to follow through.


  1. Jesse

    Not only didn’t they show up on Thanksgiving day to fix my laptop, the support tech didn’t even bother calling to try and schedule a time.

    So Dell has completely and utterly failed to follow through on ALL of their support promises.

    I wonder if they really care? (I wonder if I might be smart to buy a backup laptop just in case)


  2. Jesse

    it’s now 11/25 – they *STILL haven’t responded.

  3. Jesse

    11/26 – the contractor has my new motherboard and called me today to schedule a replacement. Unfortunately I’m going to have to drag him away from his home on a Saturday as I’m not available any other time. He gave me some story about having the wrong phone number. I have the chat log, I gave/verified the phone number at least 3 times during the course of the chat.

    So net time was 7 days from opening the support ticket to the rep calling me, it will be 13 days before the part is actually replaced.

    So much for “Next Business Day” – all though a couple of interesting things have happened. My warranty has been upgraded to their “Complete Care” (Doesn’t change the response time, but I’m covered for drops/voltage spikes/liquids now) and they’ve reset the date. I guess this was their response to my demand for a refund.

    They still have yet to address the idiot’s promise that I would have a tech out on Thursday, *AND* that I would get a manager call-back the next day (that didn’t happen either)

    It’s ridiculous that it might come down to buying a second laptop so I’m covered in the event of a failure.

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