December 2007 archive

VMWare Upgrades

I got the notification a while back that VMWare ESX v3.5 is out.  I read everything I could about it to determine if it was going to work on my almost out-of-date hardware (This site as well as most of my infrastructure runs on a pair of Dell 2650 servers running ESX) So very carefully, …

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It’s training time – What courses to take?

Its coming to that “book your training” time of year again and I’m looking for a good Symmetrix course and coming up against the same kind of issues again. Can you recommend anything that is publicly available outside of the standard Symmetrix Business Continuity courses (which to be honest don’t offer much). Thanks. RacaSAN

Don’t forget the SCSI reservations in Oracle RAC

I found this great definition of the SCSI3-PR on  “” “SCSI-3 PR, which stands for Persistent Reservation, supports multiple nodes accessing a device while at the same time blocking access to other nodes. SCSI-3 PR reservations are persistent across SCSI bus resets or node reboots and also support multiple paths from host to disk. For …

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Overcomplicating the world

Ok, I’ve seen it happen over and over again.  Customers who think they know better. Now I absolutely applaud a customer who wants to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the storage they’ve spent probably  hundreds of thousands of dollars on. But when you pay a consultant to come in and …

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