June 30, 2008 archive

Short observation….

The difference between consulting and contracting. Contractors are there to perform a task. Consultants are there to solve a problem. Now there are Consultants who perform contracting work – it’s the way we stay in business when there isn’t consulting work to be done.  (What I’m doing now) I prefer consulting.

CV or not CV?

Ok, related to my last post only slightly, so I thought it merited it’s own post. I’m coming to the point where I’ve spent a larger portion of my career consulting than I did actually working as an employee of a company. I worked from 1995-2001, and other than 18 months (wasted) with a financial …

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Interviewing – Consulting Style

Periodically I’ll put myself through the interview process.  Every once in a while I find a job that really gets my attention and warrants the time.  It’s safe to say that when I interview I really want the job (I don’t let it get to that point if I’m not interested, ask the 20-30 recruiters …

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