CV or not CV?

Ok, related to my last post only slightly, so I thought it merited it’s own post.

I’m coming to the point where I’ve spent a larger portion of my career consulting than I did actually working as an employee of a company.

I worked from 1995-2001, and other than 18 months (wasted) with a financial services company, I’ve been consulting ever since.

So I’m going through my resume trying to figure out the best way to highlight consulting experience.  I’m starting to think that the conventional chronological format may no longer suit my needs, at least not in the sense of “who you work for and what did you do while you were there”

My resume currently has entries like this:

Company Name / Date

  • Project
    • Duties
  • Project
    • Duties

Since which company we’re consulting through is largely irrelevant (very few of the consulting firms offer their employees more than dedicated head-hunting service (along with removal of 30% of your earnings), is it considered ok to remove them from the list?

And then again – the bigger question is, how do you document dry spells?  A colleague of mine recently conveyed his concern at being on a project that has been largely idle for months now.  (A dream job in a lot of respects)  He said (paraphrasing) “What do I tell them (in an interview) I did during this this period?  Got my golf score down into the 80’s?”

As consultants we can’t really take advantage of some of the training that’s out there, as we have to come out-of-pocket for the training, the travel, as well as the time-off.  (I’m not a big fan of Video or CBT training – I learn by doing it)

So what do you do, just count the number of basic Clariion designs you’ve done?

I’ve lost track.

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