Jun 30

Short observation….

The difference between consulting and contracting.

Contractors are there to perform a task.

Consultants are there to solve a problem.

Now there are Consultants who perform contracting work – it’s the way we stay in business when there isn’t consulting work to be done.  (What I’m doing now)

I prefer consulting.


  1. +1, consulting is more fun, but contracting pays the bills a lot of the time.

  2. Jesse

    Yeah – my wife tells me I have an overdeveloped “White-Knight Complex” I love to be the guy who swoops in and saves the day.

    Got to admit it’s a great feeling when (on the rare occasion) it works that way.

    Usually it’s like me last week, beating my head against the wall with a problem that shouldn’t be, but is, and after a week of troubleshooting the SAC sends me a primus case telling me it’s a known issue with that firmware…. 😉

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