Recruiter calls…

Well – in this…..less than perfect economic environment….  It’s nice to know the recruiters are still calling.

Had a couple though who tried to use the recession as a reason to throw *REALLY* low-ball offers at me…

There was a great artcile in E-Week, saying that The High-Tech Industry Added 91400 Jobs in 2007. Now that *WAS* 2007, but the data suggests that unemployment in the IT sector is holding steady at 2-3% while the rest of the world continues to shed jobs like a bad wardrobe.

Luckily the work is still out there and the rates aren’t going down.  I may have to open myself up to travelling out of my neighborhood…but that’s really no different than what I’ve got now.  As it is I am spending 5 out of every 7 days in a hotel.

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