VMWare Workstation 6.5 – First Look (well mine at least)

Ok – I’m a *BIG* VMWare fan.  If nothing else it allows people like me to run datacenters on a single host if necessary.

Workstation has come in handy, but for the most part I’ve only used it for building testing environments on my laptop.

That is, until now.  Enter the “Unity” desktop.  Version 6.5 allows you to almost seamlessly integrate the desktops of two operating systems.

I’ve tried it both ways now.  Linux host with a Windows guest, I’ve also run it on a Windows host with a Linux guest.  I’ve found the Linux over Windows to be more stable, but that may just be the fact that I was running Ubuntu 8.04 as my linux host and VMware isn’t exactly built with Ubuntu in mind.

Put the mouse in the lower left of the screen to get the menu to show up.

Put the mouse in the lower left of the screen to get the menu to show up.

So now – I can open a terminal window, run whatever Linux app I need, bring up a real BASH window, whatever.  Without having to leave my desktop behind.

Drag and drop is a little “kludgy”  You can tell the guest windows are overlays and that it’s not actually using the windows desktop manager.  Still, drag and drop works between Linux and Windows – slowly because it’s technically a copy process, not a move within the same filesystem.

I’ll keep playing with it – but I’m curious as to whether anyone else has any stories about the new version?

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