Consultant-induced panic…

The customer I’m working with has it’s ups and downs.  They are insane but flexibile is the best way to put it.

The storage admin and I have a good working relationship.  He says he likes when I’m around because no matter how much he’s learned he learns more.  (The famous quote is “Can you send me … in an email?”)

This means that we’re open to some fun once in a while.

Tonight we fixed the blade oversubscription problem we’ve been dealing with.  I’d like to say there was some clever workaround we discovered, but in the end, we solved the problem by spending $$$ on two new 24-port blades.

Here’s the kicker.  As usual, the blades automatically sync up and load whatever firmware is running on the supervisors.  While this is happening the “Status” light is red.

I plugged it in, and, knowing it was going to do this, muttered the famous “Uh oh” loud enough to be heard.

Customer ran around the rack to the console we had the Cisco device manager running on and, lo and behold, the java gods were on my side for this one.

The switch display had gone completely blank.

Customer just about had kittens.  Started hyperventiliating and everything.

I couldn’t let him suffer for long – I reached over and refreshed the display and all was good.

When he saw that there was nothing wrong, all he could say was “You’re an ass.”

It’s nice to be loved.  Maybe they’ll hire me.  It would save them a mint in Professional Services. 😉


    • Andrew Storrs on November 13, 2008 at 1:00 am
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    Ah yes fun with clients – good for you. 😀

    Oh and I’m pretty sure “that” would violate that non-compete… 😉

  1. So I just need to find a customer I’m not currently working with. My non-compete is actually fairly liberal when it comes down to it, only goes six months in either direction.

    When I went to work for the evil student loan company in Sterling, My first task was to de-book about 50k in PS that had already been bought. Just kept telling them. “Don’t worry about it, I can handle it.”

    Even the SANCopy migration from the Clariion to the DMX went without a hitch. Wonderful stuff. 😉

    Got a call form an HP VAR today, they said that my EMC experience would be very valuable to them, especially in a sales-engineer role. 😉

    No non-compete if it wasn’t the same line of work, and I’ve never done sales before.

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