December 2008 archive

Best Nerd Movies of all time.

Yeah – one of those posts.  But I’m not talking about the latest blockbuster, and I’m not even talking about anything even remotely “Matrix-Like” (though it does make the list) I’m talking about the movies us techie-types hate to admit that we loved. Here they are: Honorable Mention: Short Circuit – campy but loveable.  Good …

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I feel the need!

How cool is this?

Outsourcing = Un-American

I have a rant – if you don’t want to hear it, fee free to move on. Ok – in this economic climate, it has to be said. To those companies who continue to outsource tech-labor to third-world countries without even a good record on basic human rights, let alone strict laws and oversight on …

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FC@Home – Redux….

Ok, it’s amazing what can goes on when you finally get some time at home to do the things you’ve been needing to do for centuries. Several months ago I bought an old Dell PowerVault 660F.  This is a simple 14 drive array, with two Mylex FFA Based controllers (despite what Dell would have you …

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