A bail-out for little-old me?

It’s like being strapped into the gurney with the I.V. line in your arm and getting the last minute phone-call from the governor.

This week the federal government bailed me and my little almost-a-real-company out.

Several years ago I worked for a particular federal client. Data migration, switch migration, cable remediation, and a number of other projects.

Apparently it went well because for years they’ve been trying to get me back in and it just came down the wire that I’ve just been awarded a 1-year contract to go in as their new storage admin.

So the company is saved, or at least has been granted a one-year stay of execution.

This was, in very large part, the reason I turned down the Pre-Sales gig I was offered last month, among others.  It’s also the reason the EMC Reseller that I was consulting through did a wonderful job keeping me on throughout the holidays, something I will always remember.  (As in – some day you’re going to come to me for a favor…. and I will grant this favor…)  😉

So wish me luck in my new endeavors. 😉

James A. Madison Building


  1. Nice one!

    • Luke on February 15, 2009 at 8:36 pm
    • Reply

    pre-sales work worries me, even more so with this recession on :S

  2. I worried about that too, but in the end I think that a Pre-Sales / TC position may actually be much later to be on the chopping block and here’s why.

    Companies are much more likely to keep their sales force in tact and try to re-hire their engineers, because sales drives the engineering need. (This includes TC’s, theough I’ve seen some recent examples of what can go wrong when the TC is removed from the equation.)

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