March 2009 archive

On Security….

Security is a good thing….until it isn’t. Security isn’t a good then when it interferes needlessly with productivity.  By needlessly I mean to say when you don’t get the security you’re looking for but instead make it harder for your people to do their job than needs to be. A few examples: 1.   Company “A” …

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Support Calls

So I had a failure – Tuesday night last week, which caused me (forced me, really) to write this post: I Miss the Good Old Days Now in the grand scheme of things, it was probably a bit snarky, but at 4am I think I legally am not responsible for my actions. But the bottom …

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I remember the good old days….

When the triage guys @ EMC actually listened to the person calling in the problem and directed the call appropriately. (Just had one I specifically asked for PSE and they routed me to software for some unknown reason, now, three hours later, it’s been re-routed to PSE) When the support specialist working a call would …

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Recoverpoint vs. Conventional Replication

Ok – I see the surface benefits of a third party replication appliance, such as Recoverpoint. I even sat through a long discussion on it. I’m still totally on the fence but there are a few questions I need satisfactorally answered before I can recommend this to my customer. I want to ask my readers, …

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Cable Management 101

Just FYI – it’s ok to run fibre cables under the floor. It is, however, advised that you have a raised floor to run them under. This is *NOT* ok.  (Yes, that is an APC Battery Backup that the cables run directly under….) Nuff said.