I remember the good old days….

When the triage guys @ EMC actually listened to the person calling in the problem and directed the call appropriately. (Just had one I specifically asked for PSE and they routed me to software for some unknown reason, now, three hours later, it’s been re-routed to PSE)

When the support specialist working a call would stay through the end of the problem, and didn’t give you the “Sorry my shift is over, please explain your problem to a new guy for 45 minutes before you do anything else productive”

Follow-up. It’s now 0100 the next morning. I’ve been working on this problem for 8 hours straight. The software guy who was originally assigned went home without turning the call over to someone else. I’ve gotten not a single call since before 9pm.

This is not support people. This is the opposite of support. I’ve since fixed the problem myself, without the help of the SAC/PSE folks. The sad part is if I had done this 8 hours ago I could have been home eating my corned-beef / cabbage and drinking my Guiness.

Totally missed St. Patrick’s day, the only religious holiday I actually observe.

Not happy.


    • TimC on March 20, 2009 at 7:27 pm
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    Man, it takes all of an hour for the EMC hounds to jump to the front with their marketing book in hand when you question any piece of hardware or software they sell. And yet… mum’s the word when you’ve got a real problem. Color me shocked… lol.

    1. Truthfully the response on recoverpoint is probably not as “on message” as you might think. I’ve seen EMC try to shoe-horn RP into environments where it didn’t really fit, so ‘Zilla’s comment about the places he wouldn’t put it I agree with 100%.

      In fact, thank you, ‘Zilla for reaffirming that I made the right recommendation.

      But you’re right, come up with a problem and suddenly no-one speaks English any more.

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