May 2009 archive

How to tell if your sales rep hates you….

I just got the following job posting and it made me, literally, laugh out loud, spitting latte all over my laptop. If your sales rep allows you to do something like this, it’s a fair bet that s/he hates you (or is planning to buy your company out of bankruptcy later). “WANTED: VMWare 1-month resident to …

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Would you like a sign-on bonus with that sir?

I recently put a very terse email together to a recruiter.  These people have been sending me 3-5 emails PER WEEK on a position that is almost completely foreign to “Data Storage”  (Well, it does involve data…but that’s it about as close as it gets.) Recruiting is another place where supposedly technical work is going …

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What would a geek site be without a Star Trek post?

A pretty lousy one actually. So my wife and I went to see the new Star Trek movie last night, as a part of the whole Mother’s Day weekend extravaganza that you have when you’re trying to honor a woman who can manage to hold our kids in some semblence of order.  (Did I mention …

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