Upgrade fever…

Downtime last night – This time (almost) planned.

In my constant effort to stay no more than a couple of steps behind current technology, I have started aquiring Dell 1850’s to replace my 2650’s.

I decided to go with the 1850’s because they are smaller form-factor, which means that they’ll fit in my cramped little rack and allow me room to add the third rack of disks to the Clariion.  I had originally purchased the 2650’s because not having a SAN in the basement I needed something in the way of real storage.

One happy side-effect is that apparently the PC3200 DDR2 memory that the 1850’s requires is in much higher supply than the PC2100 that the old 2650’s took.  This makes it cheaper to run more member and thereby fewer servers.

The whole thing was sold to the finance committee as a power saving/cost saving effort.  The best part (and real reason) is that this upgrade has enabled me to go from ESX 3.5 to vSphere4.  (The 2650 doesn’t support vSphere4 due to it’s lack of 64 bit support)

So far my impression is vSphere4 is that it’s a pretty solid upgrade to ESX 3.5, however I’m sure that once I get a chance to dive into it I’ll find a lot more coolness burined under the covers.

Oh – and the 2650’s are probably hitting ebay soon, should anyone want them – let me know ahead of time and I’ll cut you a sweet deal for being a reader. 🙂

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