Celerra fun…

Just a bit of Celerra fun.

The content on this site is on a Celerra NS500 back-end.  It’s protected in a show of great trust and support by nothing but Celerra SnapSure.  (30 daily checkpoints)

In the six or so months I’ve been running this there are now more than two dozen sites here, including this one.

Of all of them, the first person to actually need the SnapSure backup was…

Drum roll please.


(As if you didn’t see that coming)

I “somehow” managed to clobber the header.php file which resulted in this blog turning a bright shade of nothing but white for a few minutes.  luckily, it was *THAT* simple to type

cp .ckpt/<datestamp>/header.php ./header.php

and the problem was instantly solved.

Thanks EMC. <grin>

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