February 2010 archive

On Symantec/Norton Technical Support….

Ok – I just had an interaction with a “technical” support rep from Symantec that is quite simply driving me insane. I want to thank “Shajeewin” for renewing my objection to outsourcing jobs overseas.  Yes people, it’s cheaper.  But then again you do get what you pay for. Background:  I am trying to set up …

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Well – thanks to a contract glitch I’m spending a few weeks off work. 🙂 No biggie, and I’ll be back before you know it.  It’s been a great opportunity to get some stuff down around the house, build my new workstation, get backups under control, etc. 🙂 My new workstation is a riot, started …

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Government purchasing….

Ok, the way government budgeting/purchasing scares the hell out of me as an engineer, and as a tax-payer it gets me absolutely barking. It starts off in the budget.  Department heads go around and ask all of their people how much money they’re going to need to do their job.  When supplied with this information, …

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