Vendor Abuse…

Just a quick question as it’s *WAY* past my bedtime. 

Has anyone else ever heard of a customer that a sales-person or tech would quit rather than set foot in?

I’m remembering my days back at Disney in California.  (over 7 years ago, so I’m assuming the statute of limitations has expired on that one)

I got called up for a 6-week scripting engagement, and 18 months later I had to actually quit the consulting firm I was working for and move across the country to get away from them.  (Happiest place on earth?–Not if you’re in their IT dept.)

These words actually came from one of their “cast members”:

“Once you work for the mouse, you ALWAYS work for the mouse.”

When I told them i was moving to Virginia/DC to do goverment work, the response was even more ominous…

“The sun never sets on the ears…you can’t move far enough away.”

In the end, the experience I got at Disney (Scripting TimeFinder to back up AIX/DB2/SAP) was invaluable and one of the guys there basically taught me more about kornshell scripting than I think I’ve learned from any single source since then.

But the environment was toxic.  I’m curious as to whether anyone else has stories like these or if I’m the only one who runs into them?


  1. Hmmm not exactly the same, but I have a rule of thumb that when interviewing for a job, I make sure I ask if they use Lotus Notes for email. If the answer is “Yes” then I wish them well and move on to the next opportunity 😉

    Also, I can think of a vendor or two that I would not work for 😀

      • G on September 10, 2010 at 2:20 pm
      • Reply

      Lotus Notes is what we use. Your rule applies.

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