The evolution of technology…

It’s funny, but I always get this funny look when I talk about technology being alive, evolving, and maybe even slightly sentient.

This is a non-storage post, but I never claimed to write only about storage, just mostly. 🙂

We dumped cable TV today.  And it got me to thinking on how certain technologies just become obsolete after a while.

We did it because the only ones who watched TV in our house were our kids, and they only watched two channels.  Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr, and becaue Nick Jr was a part of the “premium” cable package we ended up spending $100 a month or more so that my 5 year old could learn Spanish from a diminutive latina with a talking backpack and an oddly-dressed monkey for a friend.

Now they get that same education from the same shows, but they get it from Netflix streaming through the Sony Playstation.  Net cost $16.99/month.

But the cost savings are only part of it.  My kids are no longer assaulted by endless advertising, commercials for shows that are NOT on their age level, and are no longer scheduling their lives around what shows come on at what times.

It really is an amazing freedom when you think about it.  And it definitely signifies a technology that is finally moving away from “the way it’s always been done” to ways that may, finally, make more sense and put the consumer in control.

In a world where bandwidth is cheaper and cheaper, it really surprises me that more people aren’t making this change.

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    • TT on October 22, 2010 at 1:11 am
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    Wow, you hit right on spot with this one! I have the same grudge against Dora the Explorer (or whatever that show is called in the US) in the mornings, my kids watch that and I always have to turn the volume down during commercials and the sillynes of the show makes me start my day in a grumpy mood 🙁

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