Dear EMC…

I would have much less problem with you putting Americans out of work by shipping our valuable support jobs to India if you could at least do us one favor:

At least find people capable of actually providing support.  Your rep, Anshu Kitchloo, seems to have tremendous difficulty understanding basic sentence structure (let alone technology) and of responding to a question without having to run every line of web-chat through an interpreter would be a tremendous plus.

Only then will I stop cringing at the suggestion that I open up a ticket.

Love, Me.


    • Kurt on September 20, 2010 at 3:31 pm
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    I’ve often questioned whether or not the introduction of Live Chat was just a method to get some of the support reps that are not capable of handling phone calls off the phone.

    The best use for live chat I’ve found are questions like “is this supported by that” or “can you provide me the document for this” when I’m too lazy to search powerlink for it.

    1. What got me was the *LITERALLY* 2-3 minutes that would go by between responses.

      Now when I worked for AOL in their online support department (*WAY* back) I would handle on average 6-8 people at a time…however, I *STILL* didn’t take that long to respond to any one person.

        • Will on October 6, 2010 at 9:36 am
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        Having worked as either an employee or a consultant to EMC or supporting clients in EMC environments and while I tend to agree with your earlier post about rush to market vs time to market ( big difference I think) I would say that EMC Customer support whether it be onsite or making a support call (email,web chat or over the phone) EMC Support has gone into the toliet. Now I must say in the defense of CE’s there is more storage than ever before out there in the field and they are one over worked underpaid bunch of people and take a lot of the brunt of customer rage..

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