Dear QLogic…

Here’s a note.

If youre hardware has a driver that requires you compile it before use, and that can’t be easily upgraded.

Your hardware isn’t ready for prime-time.

It’s why I like Emulex. You plug it in and it works. You upgrade the driver with rpm and it works.

You used to have great stuff. Not so much any longer.

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    • Han Solo on December 13, 2010 at 11:33 am
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    FYI… NEVER ever install drivers in Linux.

    Only use hardware that is supported by the kernel and its included drivers already.

    The built in support for emulex and qlogic is already fine in kernels like Redhat.

    The code in the base kernel is maintained by qlogic already, so your using their driver when you use the one in the kernel provided.

    Once you use proprietary kernel modules your screwed when it comes to applying security patches in a timely manner and you enter into a kind of module hell.

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