Day-3 (Mac Experiment)

My definition of “Day” changes…well…daily.

I’m having to do some shuffling of data off my old PC Workstation and I found something interesting.

MacOS can’t WRITE to an NTFS volume without a third-party driver.  It can read from it just fine.

I ran into a situation where I had to consolidate data from 2x 2TB drives onto one to free space for “The Next Step” (which you’ll read about tomorrow if you care) and so I connected them both to the Mac to hopefully do a quick ‘copy’ from one to the other.

Nope.  Not a chance.

MacOS can’t write to an NTFS volumes.  Now I found a few third-party drivers and tried one that had a 15 day trial version…  Only to find my way into what I can only assume is the Mac version of the “Blue Screen of Death”  (The “You must turn your computer off NOW” screen – how rude.)

What I find interesting about this is this.  Linux can read/write from an NTFS volume just fine.  Since MacOS is BSD Linux, I can only assume that Apple has made the conscious decision not to support NTFS writes.  Probably because it provides people with a simple migration path OFF Apple hardware, which, as any hardware vendor would like to believe, no-one would ever want to do.

Still – my experience is largely positive.  Got my work VPN up and running on it without too much angst and work.  And my son is sufficiently horrified at the sound of the power-on chord (there’s probably a fancy word for it) that I make up reasons to reboot when he’s in the room. 😉

I can see that the entertainment value of this investment will be limitless.


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    • Han Solo on February 23, 2011 at 1:02 pm
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    >Linux can read/write from an NTFS volume just fine.

    To be FAIR that is a VERY recent development. For MANY years linux could not write to NTFS either without mucho risk of corruption.

    Performing reliable writing to a poorly documented proprietary journaling file system is not as easy as it sounds.

    1. True..again I might just be afflicted by the age of the system. Do you know if Read-Write NTFS works natively in 10.6.x?

      thanks for being one of the five. 🙂

        • Han Solo on February 23, 2011 at 4:32 pm
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        Actually RW NTFS is native in snow leopard(10.6), but its not enabled. I have seen some articles/tips how to enable W, but I have also seen people say its buggy which is probably why its not turned on by default.

        I would guess that maybe they will officially make it part of 10.7 this year.

        1. LOL – they probably used the same buggy third-party driver I downloaded. Froze up any time you threw long streaming writes at it.

  1. MacFUSE not working for you?

    1. I’ve not heard of it?

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