We interupt this experiment to bring you this special bulletin…

The government’s “Continuing Resolution” will be expiring a week from today.  As a government contractor, this directly affects me.

They have two choices.  They can pass ANOTHER C.R. or they can actually pass a budget.

I don’t post political statements here too often.  However I don’t know about you, but from where I stand this travesty that the House has floated is a disaster.  1.2 million jobs lost by the estimates I’m hearing, and to top it all of, it doesn’t do SQUAT to balance the budget because the places that need to be cut / reformed, IE Defense, etc. are off the table.  So this will be for nothing.

If the posturing peacocks on capitol hill don’t get their collective crap together and one side (or the other) forces the government to shut down. I may have some time on their hands.

Part of me is hoping that cooler heads prevail.

Part of me is looking forward to a little time off. 😉  I’m told it is actually a CRIMINAL offense for me to work if the government shuts down.

Bring it.

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