March 2011 archive

IBM XiV – Real-Life impressions…

The Ethernet back-end on an XiV will still be it's undoing

First impression of the XiV in “action” The GUI is fancy.  Looks like a Mac turned on it’s side. The GUI is also NOT web-based.  It’s an app-install. I do believe however it’s available for multiple platforms. It really does seem to take all of the guess work out of provisioning since you don’t really …

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The Macintosh Expirement – Final

The final installment of my 30 day Macintosh Experiement. And a For-Sale ad. 🙂

Day-24 (Mac Experiment)

I told you I had no concept of days right? Well I think it’s an “I can use this” thing.  The only downside I’ve found so far probably has more to do with my outdated hardware than anything else. I’ve since upgraded the SIngle Processor 1.6Ghz G5 to a dual-processor 2.5Ghz G5.  The difference in …

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