And suddenly…(redux)

**ALERT** I’ve had to…modify this post so it won’t offend someone who doesn’t realize that the storage community is very small and that word will get out regardless…

I’m unemployed.

Unexpectedly too.  Unexpected because right up until the day they told me to go home because I wasn’t getting paid, everyone assured me that the contract renewal was in the bag.

I’m such a sucker.  Believing people like that.  Never again.  I’ll also never believe anyone who tells me “don’t worry about it, I’ve got you covered if there’s a gap.”

It’s ok, next gig is on the horizon already…  And it looks like it will be something that while geographically unpleasant, will be a great job I can learn a LOT from, and truly excel at, which for me is key, because I’ve spent the past two years trying to shoe-horn new ideas into the heads of people who think a new idea is like anthrax, to be avoided at all costs.

(And with that I’d like to say hello to the nice folks at the NSA.  Please forgive me, it was an analogy, if a badly placed one.)

Consulting sucks sometimes.  The worst part of course is not knowing where you’ll be working from year to year, or the fact that you have to keep your eyes open, in permanent recruiter mode.

Of course the money is great, and if you tend to go stagnant on doing the same thing over, and over, and over again…It’s nice to be able to change.

It’s a pity that with being yanked out of an environment with no notice comes no turnover on the projects, and that there are a few implementations that I was in the middle of that might blow up if not tended to properly and in the right time-frame, which sadly isn’t far off.

(Ok, first anthrax and then the phrase ‘blow-up’ – the boys in black are DEFINITELY knocking on my door tonight.)

So the real question is…who is going to get saddled with picking up where I left off, *AND* are they going to ask me to help…

Can’t wait until that happens to give me the opportunity to lecture someone on the value of giving notice. 🙂

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  1. Sorry to hear about the sudden disconnect. But anyways — If you are out in Chantilly it would be great to do lunch. I maybe helping out with some of your old clients at terramark.

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