VMWare Host Isolation Response…

I learned what “Host Isolation Response” was today.  Well I already knew what it was, but I learned that in a VMWare cluster, if you leave it at the default, then if the network goes away between the clustered hosts, the HOST then RESPONDS to this ISOLATION by shutting your entire environment down.


Not that anyone would notice, but from 1:30 to 2:00pm EST the system was offline because I (ironically) unplugged the switch briefly to put a battery behind it.  Needless to say it’s better now, but it wasn’t quite the “momentary interruption” I had hoped for.

Not going to be long with this one, needless to say I’m prepping to start traveling again.  Not totally excited about it, but I hear Seattle is nice during the summer in much the same way Virginia isn’t, so at least there’s an upside.

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