An argument for unions…

Next time you want to slam unions remember this: “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Even if your job is NOT union, remember that the business has to stay competitive with the union jobs in order to hire people. So a business has to offer a decent salary just to get people to sign on.

Part of what makes America great is the freedom for our workers to collectively bargain for better conditions, thereby raising the bar for other businesses if they want to hire, because the best and the brightest will take the jobs with the better working conditions.

This is also why big business LOVES high unemployment. It makes it easier for business to say “take it or leave it” and offer crap wages and working conditions.  An easy example will be the fact that I’ve seen contract rates fall by 10-15% in the last year alone.

The desperate can be easily pressured to “take it or leave it.”


    • scott boss on September 8, 2011 at 9:39 am
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    I have always had better job offers and better working environments where there was no unions. Everytime I have worked (directly or indirectly) at a “union shop”, my work was much harder to get done, got less pay, less benefits, and it was more bureaucratic.

    I agree that they had their place at one time. But in my opinion, they have lost their place in the US. Other locals like China that might be a different story.

    1. I agree, working *IN* a union shop can be a pain. What I’m referring to though is the fact that if a union negotiates a higher rate at Company-A, then Company-B necessarily has to fall in line if they want to hire anyway, regardless of whether they are a union shop.

      I think that most unions have found themselves in the same boat as politicians. They spend so much time fighting for their own survival that they have completely forgotten to fight for the people they are supposed to represent.

      But, for better or worse, the working culture in the US would not be what it is now if unions hadn’t existed. We’d all be (figuratively, if not literally) working in the scaffolding without safety-harnesses.

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