I am not a PC…

The new member of the family…

So here it is.  I bought a MacBook.  After literally 10+ years of being a “Dell Guy”, well Dell finally ran out of laptops that I found interesting, (you should *NOT* hear the display creak when moving it during a video call)

My last notebook, the Adamo13 (which doesn’t exist anymore) was one of my favorites.  Ultra slim, solid state just about everything.  Could do a 5 hour plane-ride almost without issue.

But I needed something else.  After flipping back and forth between Linux and Windows I realized I needed something that could go both ways.  The more I thought about it, Apple seemed like the way to go.  Apple runs on a BSD Linux kernel after all, has a linux command-line (if you know where to get to it) and pretty good compatibility.

So when I finally got it in my head to upgrade, well I went ahead and dropped the hammer on a 15″ macbook pro.  (so to speak, no actual hammers were involved.)

So far I’m pretty happy with my choice.  But when the first person at work saw me on it and asked me the idiot question I got pissy.

“Are you a Mac now?”

Under breath: “No idiot, I’m a person.  I’m *USING* a Mac.”

Let me break it down.  I have in my arsenal the following systems.

In my household and business I have:

3 Desktop PC’s running windows 7
3 Laptops running Windows 7
1 Dell 1850 running Windows 2003 Server . (That despite all my kajoling, refuses to survive a P2V)

4 VMWare ESXi hosts containing the following:

11 Windows 2008 Servers
2 Windows 2003 Servers
10 CentOS 5 Servers
5 CentOS 6 Servers
2 SUSE Enterprise 11 Linux

and now

1 15″ MacBook Pro

This is the thing.  I’m a technology pragmatist.  I use what works best and does what I need it to.  In the limited scope of a transportable computer, a Mac seems to do what I need nicely, and yes, it comes in an attractive and (so far) fairly durable package.

But I’m not a Mac.  Nor am I a PC.  I’m a *PERSON* who uses a computer.  (Several actually)

Religion has no place in technology.  Leave it in the church.

Oh, and I’m still not buying a #$!@!? iPhone.

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